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Collection: Super Happy Fun America

You used to be able to choose from this great collection of Super Happy Fun America inspired products because It's Great To Be Straight. All products were created by American Patriots Apparel but now the criminal left has decided to remove the products and our freedom to post them because they are tyrants.

Private companies have the right to make policies but not to discriminate by enforcing them only for one side of the political aisle because the other side complains. That is where this becomes an illegal act according to the Commerce Clause.

We are waiting to hear back from our website hosting platform who are the ones pushing this nonsense on behalf of the triggered left and we are considering seeking legal representation because enough is enough.

If the left can make products celebrating it's homosexuality, then we can make products celebrating our heterosexuality. If they get to openly bash Jesus like they do, then we get to celebrate his teachings and have Christian value themed products too whether they like it or not.

Be sure to browse the rest of our website, especially our Made In USA Collection. We sell over 1,100 products!

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