In a world gone mad, fashion has become a tool for making statements. Many get offended. Others take it all with a grain of salt. We here at American Patriots Apparel could honestly care less what you think either way. That’s who we are. We unapologetically speak the truth and our apparel shows it!


The United States of America is the biggest melting pot in the history of the world. We have more races, ethnicities and cultures living together within our borders than any other country has in the history of the world.

American Patriots Apparel creates products to reach that growing Patriotic audience of people that we ourselves are a part of. Our products express our Political (Conservative), Religious (Christian) and Ideological (Patriotic) views. Despite what the left and their fake news mainstream media like to tell you, we are not racists, white nationalists, white supremacists, right-wing extremists or anything of the kind. We are Patriots! The real problem is that the tyrants of the left simple hate us because we defy them and their tyranny. That is why they constantly lie, deceive and psychologically project their own inadequacies onto us.


Loving ones country and being proud of our flag because of the God this great nation was founded upon, is not something that is nor should it be limited to any color of skin. It’s something we all can celebrate together! Isn’t it time we get our freedom back and simply express our views on and off of our apparel however we see fit? What’s wrong with freedom of expression? The cancel culture must be stopped! True tolerance is being able and willing to accept that other people think differently than you. Leave the group think to the machines. Leave the apparel making to

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