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The New Hampshire Audit is going forward but not without some obstruction tactics from the left and some questionable decision making from some others on the right. What exactly do I mean? Read this full article and you will understand perfectly.

Here’s what’s happening…

April 19, 2021 Windham, New Hampshire Board of Selectmen Meeting (Part 1, Part 2)

A lengthy meeting was held on April 19th, 2021 by the Windham, New Hampshire Board of Selectmen where Cyber Ninjas, Allied Security Operations Group, Verified Voting, and other organizations presented their cases pertaining to who was best qualified to conduct the 2020 New Hampshire Election Audit.

Andrew W. Appel, Ph.D. is the Eugene Higgins Professor of Computer Science at Princeton University, where he has been on the faculty since 1986 and he is on Verified Voting Board of Advisors. He put forth a proposal for Verified Voting in writing but didn’t pursue it. Dr. Appel proceeded to recommend Mark Lindeman, Ph.D. (Co-Director, Verified Voting). As a result, Lindeman’s proposal was chosen to be presented in public on behalf of Verified Voting.

Before it was Lindeman’s (Verified Voting’s) turn to answer the five ‘qualifying questions’, he had a “medical emergency” where he put his head back and was unresponsive. An ambulance came and so he didn’t have to answer the five qualifying questions. The timing of this so-called medical emergency seems rather suspicious.

Was Verified Voting trying to dodge answering the five qualifiers? If so, then why? What are they up to? Was Verified Voting hiding something or was this simply a series of unfortunate events and it just so happens that Lindeman had a “medical emergency” at the most inopportune time?

Side Notes:

  1. Jovan Pulitzer owns patents on Optical equipment that can analyze ballots. For some reason, he didn’t submit in public on April 19th. He submitted a written proposal.
  2. The Windham, New Hampshire Board of Selectmen took up until April 23rd to consider the information and options presented to them during the April 19th meeting and they decided to cast their votes concerning who would conduct the audits on April 26, 2021.

April 26, 2021 Windham, New Hampshire Board of Selectmen Meeting (Watch The Meeting)

On April 26th, Dr. Mark Lindeman’s (Verified Voting’s) proposal was selected by a 3-1 vote despite Lindeman not answering the five qualifying questions due to his “medical emergency”.

There are five members of the New Hampshire Board of Selectmen. Ross McLeod and Heath Parrington are both Co-Chairman. Other members include Jennifer Simmons, Bruce Breton, and Roger Hohenberger.

Normally, all five of these current members of the Board would have voted. However, Jennifer Simmons (Republican) didn’t show up for the vote. Maybe she had something better to do or maybe she was scared to cast a vote because of what evil leftist Marxist organizations such as Burn Loot Murder (AKA Black Lives Matter) might do to her and/or her family. Either way, once again a Republican was Missing In Action (M.I.A.) when needed most to help stop this Democrat party staged election coupe.

Ross Mcleod and Heath Parrington the two Co-Chairman of the Windham, New Hampshire Board of Selectmen; both Democrats) voted along with Roger Hohenberger (Republican) for Mark Lindeman (Verified Voting).

It was very peculiar and out of character to see Hohenberger vote with the Democrats for Verified Voting a leftist company who seemingly can’t be trusted. In fact, I would argue it is a betrayal of the American people and more specifically the Republican party who are trying to have an honest, reliable audit completed not a compromised Democrat scue political theatre smoke and mirrors show.

The one member of the board who didn’t vote for Lindeman and Verified Voting was Bruce Breton. Breton was the only Republican who really stood up for America on April 26th. He casted his vote for Jovan Pulitzer.

Picture gathered from Bruce Breton’s Twitter page (Left: Donald J. Trump, Center: Bruce Breton, Right: Newt Gingrich)

So, what’s wrong with Lindeman? Well, he is the same leftist partisan hack who tried to SHUT DOWN the Arizona audit from happening. Two members of Verified Voting have resigned due to him being exposed! Lindeman is a political scientist NOT a forensic analyst. This selection is DISGRACEFUL!


May 3, 2021 Windham, New Hampshire Board of Selectmen Meeting (Part 1, Part 2)

The New Hampshire Attorney General’s Office (specifically Attorney General John Formella) and the Secretary of State Bill Gardner named Harri Hursti (co-founder of ROMmon) from Finland as the state’s representative for the Windham 2020 election audit.

As you can see from the screenshot below, Hursti was listed on Verified Voting Board of advisors. However, it appears that in typical leftist hide the truth fashion, Verified Voting has now removed him from being listed on the Verified Voting website (at least he is not listed as of May 6, 2021 when this article was written). Whether or not this was done to cover up their ties because they didn’t want us all to know about the conflict of interest or not and that the fix is in is to be determined.

Screenshot gathered from cell phone on Monday, May 3, 2021

In layman’s terms, two people tied to one suspect leftist company who are seemingly left leaning themselves were appointed on behalf of a leftist suspect company named Verified Voting and we are supposed to trust the integrity of these audits?

Verified Voting is tied to the Brennan Center for Justice who despite their fake news claims of being bipartisan are in reality a leftist group out of the New York University School of Law in NYC. They are also tied to the MacArthur Foundation (founded by two conservatives and corrupted by the left since the late 90’s early 2000’s). Both companies have been said to be tied to George Soros through back channels. I recommend you all doing the research on those connections for yourselves. Here’s a hint… follow the money.

As was stated prior, it seems the fix is in yet again and that the dirty Democrats are up to more of their dirty little deeds. They are trying to deceive people and make us think the audit is going forward without issue but in the end the left has essentially had their minions infiltrate the audits to assure the truth of this election fraud will be covered up.

For those readers who would read this article and say what I just said is a conspiracy theory, think again! It’s not going to work. It’s a conspiracy NOT a conspiracy theory. This is not theoretical. It’s happening right now as I type this article to all of you. These selections and tactics are questionable at best, and treasonous at worst.

In conclusion, there is no doubt that Mark Lindeman is compromised. He doesn’t seem capable of ever standing up for the truth. He is a Democrat hack who isn’t to be trusted. To be fair, all signs point to Hursti being a knowledgeable and qualified pick based on his skill set. However, we know how the left likes to deceive and pull the wool over America’s eyes and make us think that we are in good hands while they are plotting our takeover and demise.

So, is he just another leftist who is also linked to the left-wing company Verified Voting and others? Is Hursti trustworthy? If so, then can he be bought because certainly the crooked left will try to either bribe or intimidate/threaten him in one way or another to do their bidding and cover up their election fraud crimes.

Here’s a bit more background on Hursti.

According to a news article, Hursti is “a computer programmer (AKA computer hacker/computer scientist) who has raised red flags for a number of years about the hackability of some electronic voting machines, including the optical scanning machines used in New Hampshire.”

Mr. Hursti has spent the past 15 years trying to draw attention to the weaknesses in America’s voting systems. Last month, he was featured in an HBO documentary called “Kill Chain: The Cyber War on America’s Elections,” about far-reaching security breaches in multiple U.S. elections that he says have gone unfixed. He warns that both the American political establishment and the public are far too complacent. “Once you understand how everything works, you understand how fragile everything is and how easy it is to lose this all,” Mr. Hursti says in the film.

To hear Hursti’s feelings on cyber war on U.S. elections, watch this video from THE JORDAN HARBINGER SHOW.

What’s Next?

As part of the Senate Bill 43 law, Hursti and Lindeman will now pick a third member of the group. Yes, you read that right. Two people tied to the same leftist company Verified Voting now get to select a third member to lead the audit team. What could possibly go wrong, or should I say what could possibly go right?

The Windham, New Hampshire’s Administrative Offices stated during a phone call that I had with them on May 5, 2021 that this audit will be to investiage the State Rep., Governor, and U.S. Senator elections at a minimum. They also said that the forensic team will determine how the audit is conducted and that the audit will be at a neutral location by those three.

The town of Windham, New Hampshire is trying to find a legal recourse to remove board members but the question is why would such a Republican (AKA conservative) town have a Board of Selectmen where both co-chairs are Democrats to begin with?

For future updates on the New Hampshire audit and for additional information, check out Granite Grok at

If you are in the area or want to make it your mission to be, then you can exercise your First Amendment Constitutional rights by assembling/protesting and having your American voices heard about the 2020 election fraud and these irking developments at Windham Town Hall where the Windham Board of Selectmen are located. See below for more details…

Physical Address:

4 N Lowell Road, Windham, NH 03087

Mailing Address:

3 N Lowell Road, Windham, NH 03087


Windham, New Hampshire’s Administrative Offices at (603) 432-7732.


You can contact the Windham, New Hampshire Board of Selectmen directly via email at * If and when you do, email them, all five board members will receive your email.

*Make sure that when someone replies to you that they do not take off that email address or else when you reply to them, you will only be replying to that one person. That is a tactic the leftists have used with others to make it so the full board doesn’t stay in the full email conversations.



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