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Relentless Defender Thin Blue Line Wristband (2 Variants)


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Relentless Defender

Relentless Defender Thin Blue Line Wristband

This can be purchased as one item or bulk (5 Pack, 10, Pack, 25 Pack, 50 Pack, or 100 Pack) as gifts for your department, shift, family, friends, fellow officers, etc.

When we say Blue Lives Matter, we do so proudly but only for the non-corrupt officers who value their oath & who actually stand for our freedoms & for the law. No tyrants allowed!

These days there are too many officers who are just β€œdoing their jobs” or so they say.

Tyranny must be met with determination, heart, discipline and victory. We must not let anyone wear an outfit and think that makes them our masters or that they are above the law. So, officers of the law, choose this day whom you will serve.

As for me and mine we will serve the Lord and stand for our freedom.. For those who enforce the law and our rights, we salute you. For the others… we will not stand idly and watch as you destroy our liberties and our freedoms on behalf of your masters who give you unjust, unconstitutional orders.

We are the Relentless Defenders… are you? Buy your Relentless Defender Thin Blue Line Wristband TODAY!

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