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All sales are final. We DO NOT offer refunds, returns and/or exchanges.

There are a few exceptions to the above rule. Those exceptions are as follows…
  1. IF an American Patriots Apparel product is out of stock, then a full refund will be issued.
  2. IF a supplier is unable to produce/deliver a given product and they don’t respond to our numerous inquiries for fulfillment, then a refund will be issued after a reasonable amount of time is given to us to try to fulfill that order for you.
  3. IF a product is not the right size and/or color (meaning that it is not the size or color that you ordered), then we would reach out to our suppliers to have them right this wrong by sending out a replacement item to you. Please give us time for the new tracking number to be provided to you for that replacement order. Replacement order ETA’s vary based on how quickly our suppliers re-fulfill your order. Please note that you not ordering the proper size item is not a qualified reason for cancelation or returns. So, please be sure to refer to size charts before placing your orders.
  4. IF you place an order and shortly thereafter decide you want to cancel it, then IN CERTAIN CASESΒ we do issue a refund. This is something we handle on a case by case basis. Since payment processing firms (i.e. Stripe, PayPal, etc.) no longer return processing fees from original transactions, when we (American Patriots Apparel) refund a customer we deduct those processing fees from the amount of any refund we issue you (our customers).
  • The determining factor pertaining to whether or not we issue a refund in this scenario or not is whether or not the product(s) in your order have already been moved into “In Production” status on our end (you can’t see this status). If that has happened, then it is too late for us to issue a refund. Generally speaking, we give you a two hour grace period but again, if a given product in your order has already moved into “In Production” status, then we do not issue a refund even if it is prior to that 2 hour grace period.
  • Partial refunds MAY be issued if there are multiple items in your order and say one item is not in “In Production” status but another is. In that case the item(s) that are not in that status are potentially eligible for a refund. The other items that are in “In Production” status would not be.